Auto Rickshaw

The ultimate way to travel in New Delhi, many tourists feel the need to experience a trip in one of the city's many three-wheeled scooters, which go by the name of 'auto rickshaws'. Prices should always be agreed in advance, since auto rickshaws don't operate meters. Auto rickshaws in New Delhi are quite environmentally friendly, since they are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG)

Auto rickshaws (often called just auto) are common all over India, and provide cheap and efficient transportation. New auto richshaws run on CNG and are environment friendly.

Many major nationalized banks in India offer loans to self-employed individuals seeking to buy auto rickshaws. Auto rickshaw manufacturers in India include Bajaj Auto, Kumar Motors, Kerala Auto Limited, Piaggio , Force Motors (previously Bajaj Tempo), Mahindra & Mahindra Ape and TVS Motors. Auto rickshaws are found in cities, villages and in the countryside.

In July 1998, the Supreme Court of India ordered the Delhi government to implement CNG or LPG (Autogas) fuel for all autos and for the entire bus fleet in and around the city. Delhi's air quality has improved with the switch to CNG. Initially, auto rickshaw drivers in Delhi had to wait in long queues for CNG refueling, but the situation has improved with the increase of CNG stations. CNG autos were distinguishable from the erstwhile petrol-powered autos by having a green and yellow livery as opposed to the earlier black and yellow. Certain local governments are pushing for four-stroke engines instead of the current two-stroke versions.

The fares chargeable by the operators of the auto-rickshaws in national Capital Territory of delhi shall be as under:


Rs 19/- for first fall of 2 Kilometer (upon downing the meter) and thereafter Rs. 6.50/- per Kilometer for every additional Kilometer.

NIght Charges

25% of the fare (11:00 PM to 5:00 AM)

Waiting Charges
Rs 30/- per hour or part thereof (Subject to a minimum of 15 minutes stay)

Luggage Charges

Rs. 7.50/- shall be charged as   extra luggage charges whereas the driver/ operator shall not charge and money for a shopping bag or a small suitcase.
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