New Delhi Safety

New Delhi is the capital city of India. The standards of hygiene and sanitation in the city are rather high. However, a number of contagious diseases have known to make an occasional appearance in the city. Your home country will specify a number of vaccines as part of the requirements or prerequisites to obtain a visa to India. You need to go through the essential vaccinations and inoculations routine as part of your preparation to spend a healthy and safe vacation in New Delhi.

As with any big city in the world, New Delhi can pose threats to visitors. It is a fast-paced bustling metropolis that is home to some eight million inhabitants, it is easy to get lost.

Women need to be especially careful about travelling alone. They should not get in taxis or rickshaws by themselves, and need to make sure their hotel room is always properly locked and bolted.. Petty theft is a huge problem and it's best to take no valuables with you to New Delhi. If you bring anything of value, then lock it up in your hotel’s safe. Carry a money belt instead of a wallet or purse and be especially mindful of your belongings when travelling on public transport or while pushing through large crowds in areas like marketplaces.

Since 2002, it has been an offence to give money to beggars at traffic lights and begging has been illegal since the 1959 Beggars Act. Nevertheless, begging is commonplace and you should not be alarmed if you are approached by children or adults asking for money.

Don't accept food and drink, or even cigarettes, from strangers. There have been incidences of travellers being poisoned or drugged, and then robbed. Tourists should be aware of scammers. If you1re approached and hassled by people wanting to sell you things or be your guide, just say 'no' firmly as many times as it takes. Don't lose your temper; just be solid in your stance. If you use a credit card , don't let it out of your sight. Some shops will run off a few copies and then forge your signature.
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