New Delhi Nightlife

There are many clubs, bars, parties, festivals, shows, restaurants, live music bands around New Delhi. Most of the pubs, bars, discotheques are located only in the five star hotels. Government regulations make it difficult to have too many bars in the city. If you want to experience grandeur and opulent luxury floating around you, while you sip some of the best cocktails known to the world, plan a move to some of the 5 star lounges dotting the nightscape of New Delhi. The main thing to remember is officially the legal entry age for clubs, bars, pubs and discotheques are 21.

After all the hard work during the day, it becomes necessary for people to relax their brains and this is when nightlife becomes important for humans. The inhabitants and foreign tourists have many options which they can utilize to relax their brains. Some of these options are a number of bars, pubs, discotheques, and coffee shops. A new phenomenon is the Lounge Bar which has become very common these days as a place to enjoy nightlife. Nightlife in New Delhi starts after nine.

Every other hotel in New Delhi has a pub and disco for people to enjoy nightlife and if they don’t feel content then we suggest night lovers to travel to Noida (which is not more than 30 min. from New Delhi) and hit Elevates which is one of the best spots around Delhi to enjoy nightlife.

Steel happens to be another great disc located in Gurgaon (which is again not more than 30 min by road from New Delhi). Steel is famous for its soothing music and great collection of drinks. Steel happens to be a great place for couples who are looking for some time out.

When it comes to nightlife then the most talked about zone in New Delhi is South Delhi. Somehow South Delhi has grown very well when it comes to living life king size. Many bars and discos in South Delhi are open 24 x 7 just for the comfort of those who love to enjoy the night.

Performances by national and international bands have become regular to add charm to nightlife. If you don’t like to sleep at nights then New Delhi is the place to be.
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