Khan Market

You will see plenty of New Delhi locals at this popular market. Folks come here for the good deals on CDs, DVDs, cosmetics, electronics and clothing. The area also boasts of several excellent bookshops and newsstands. Bring some cash since credit card acceptance varies by vendor.

Khan Market is one of the popular shopping destinations of Delhi, which is crowded by shopaholics from all parts of the city. Tourists must visit Khan Market in Delhi in order to get bowled over by the attractive wares displayed in its numerous shops.

Located in the area of South Delhi, Khan Market is considered to be one of the very classy and posh shopping markets in the whole city. Many consider Khan Market to be expensive and feel it is visited mostly by the diplomatic community, who reside in the nearby areas. However people cannot deny the popularity of Khan Market as a hangout spot for all youngsters of Delhi. The location of Khan Market, close to the green expanses of Lodhi Gardens make it one of the most sought after places in Delhi.

Shopping in Khan Market is great fun as there are a wide range of showrooms with an overwhelming variety of choices. Some of the outlets in Khan market belong to the best and famous brands such as Reebok, Benetton, Nike and Adidas. The other popular stores in Khan Market stock electronics, books, kitchenware and much more. There are some excellent cafes and restaurants in Khan Market such as Market Cafe, Barista and Cafe Turtle.

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Khan Market is a great choice for shopping freaks and it remains closed on Mondays.
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