Chandni Chowk Bazaar

This massive market can be a bit overwhelming to first-time shoppers, but visiting it is a unique experience that shouldn't be missed. In times past, merchants from as far as China and Europe came here to sell their wares. Today many shops remain that are over 100 years old. The market is divided into sections that specialize in certain goods. Visit katra neel for fabric, bhagirath palace for electronics, kinari bazaar for needlework and dariba kalan for silver jewelry, to name a few. Bring plenty of cash as credit card acceptance varies widely.

Chhatta Chowk Bazaar is a 17th  Century covered market place that is a small lane fringed with small shops that  retails art works, jewellery, shawls, carpets, ivory items and many more. This  lane lies just before the entrance into the Grand Red Fort in Old Delhi and was  once used as an area wherein traders from different areas of the country would collect  every evening and lay down their goods along the stretch of the lane on either  sides and the imperial ladies in pardah would visit this lane and browse  through the precious items, stones, silk and beautifully embroidered clothing  and purchase their choice of goods. Later, after the invasion of the British, this market street was  converted into a military base where their British troops were permanently  stationed.

Post Independence, the market place was restored and today, one will  witness around 40 small shops fringed on either side of the lane retailing  artificial jewellery, embroidered bags, semi precious stones and jewellery  items, hand painted wall hangings, faux antiques and many more. This place is a  must visit as the prices are reasonable.

Address: Chandni Chowk Main Rd
near Red Fort, New Delhi
Le marché bac ha est une des destinations les plus préférées des routards