Rampur Kitchen

The Rampur Kitchen Restaurant in New Delhi , named after a princely capital in Uttar Pradesh , is a wonderful non vegetarian food joint of the city. People who have a fascination for meat and its unique preparation are attracted to this restaurant. Being located in the Khan Market the shoppers plunge in here to satiate their hunger.

The golden walled restaurant is spanking clean and is decorated with a lot of modern artwork which portrays scenes of the quotidian life of the people of Delhi. A very cozy and snug restaurant , good for an intimate evening. Most of the food available here is of Muslim origin and the chefs don't really hold back on ghee as the seasoning element.

The Seekh Kebab Rampuri just melts in your mouth. It's a dish where mutton cubes are spiced with a lot of aromatic herbs and grilled over the charcoal after being blended with boiled egg whites. Gosht Nahari is perhaps the chief attraction of the Rampur Kitchen Restaurant. It's a delectable dish of mutton cooked in spicy onion gravy and kept on slow fire overnight.

Never miss to check out the Haleem at Rampuri Kitchen Restaurant in New Delhi. This is a unique kind of a dish prepared out of thick mutton paste , spices and pulses garnished with ginger and chillies. The tasty kulchas would serve as the best accompaniment to the lip smacking kormas and curries.

Rampuri Kitchen Restaurant is a posh eatery of the town. Because of the ethnic and authentic dishes available here a huge elite crowd flocks to this restaurant. Rampuri Kitchen Restaurant serves only soft drinks and no alcohol.

A purely family restaurant which assures you to taste some extraordinary delicacies belonging to the regal households. The recipes of the dishes are wonderfully cooked up by the expert chefs retaining their original taste.

HOURS   Daily 12:30pm-3pm, 7pm-11:30pm
Address: 8A Khan Market, New Delhi
Phone: 91-011-2463-1222
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