This little restaurant is tucked away on a side street, but Delhi-ites and visitors in the know come here for the mutton. The meat is available in a variety of sweet or savory gravies. Other delicious meals include the lamb stuffed with chicken, rice, eggs and fruit, and the fresh, hot curries. No matter what you order, be sure to get some homemade bread on the side. No credit cards. Casual attire.

Karim's is a chain of restaurants in Delhi which had been considered as one of the reputed landmarks of Old Delhi. Dastar Khwan e karim is the actual name of the eatery but its colloquial name is turned to Karim's. The Restaurant has three major branches across the city. South Delhi, Old Delhi and Nizamuddin are the three locations which boasts to have one of the oldest eatery of the city.

The branch of Karim's at South Delhi is supposed to be the most authentic Mughlai restaurant of the region. The outlet at Nizamuddin is snuggled amidst the plush pathways of the area around the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. But remember to dress in a conservative manner before visiting this branch of Karim's in New Delhi.

The Karim's is the best place to taste the superb kebabs. The Seekh Kababs and the mutton burra kebabs and of course the chicken kebabs are mouth watering. The customers just love munching on the mutton kebabs of the restaurant.

The Mughlai dishes of Karim's are very rich and at times may become too heavy to digest. You can try out a few but keep a watch on the amount of food consumed. The Badsahi Badam Pasanda is a delight suitable for a royal treat whilst the Jahangiri korma brings reminiscences of authentic Mughlai flavor.

The catch of the restaurant is the baqar Khani Kulcha which is a traditional sweet bread taken with kormas and other gravy items on special occasions. The kind of service Karim's provide is wonderful if not as impeccable as the five star restaurants but its pretty agile and hospitable.

Address: 16 Jama Masjid, Gali Kababiyan
opposite Hotel Bombay Orient
New Delhi

Phone: 91-011-2326-9880
WEBSITE    www.karimhoteldelhi.com    

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