Chor Bizarre

The Chor Bizzare Restaurant is a wonder of the city of Delhi. Located at the intersection of Old and New Delhi , The Chor Bizarre is probably the first high rise hotel of the city. It's a tiny , picturesque and cosy eatery and a part of the four storeyed Chor Bizzare Hotel. The very name of the restaurant needs to be explained otherwise customers may think it to be not a very upbeat restaurant to visit. The name Chor Bizarre is a quip for the words Chor Bazaar which actually means the thieves market.

The name of this restaurant, which is billed as India's Restaurant, means "thieves' market," and the mish-mash of nostalgic décor and furnishings echoes the sentiment. You might dine on an old sewing table or sit in mismatched chairs. The salad bar used to be a 50s vintage Fiat. Don't let the fun decorations distract you from your wonderful meal.

The specialty here is Kashmiri (Northern Indian) cuisine. This style of cooking tends to be a bit milder than much of Indian cooking. Try the lamb meatballs flavored with cardamom or the mutton stewed in yogurt, cardamom and anise. Several sampler platters are available if you can't decide on just one entrée. Smart-casual to stylish attire. Reservations suggested.

HOURS    Daily Noon-3:30pm, 7:30pm-11:30pm    
CUISINE    Indian

Address: 4/15A Asaf Ali Rd
Hotel Broadway, New Delhi

Phone: 91-011-4366-3600

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