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Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

Located on the south-easterly side of New Delhi, the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary covers a vast area of more than 6,000 acres / 2,400 hectares. Famed for its native flora and fauna, you can expect to see many colourful flowers, including wild bougainvillea vines. It is possible to drive through this park and guides are available at the main entrance, should you require further information as you tour the sanctuary. This is a good place for birdwatching.

Asola Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in 1992 and plays an important role in protecting the native wildlife in the New Delhi area. The sanctuary covers a vast area of over 6800 acres and contains many species of flora and fauna.

The main sanctuary entrance can be a entered from Suraj Kund which will lead you towards where the nature trails and guides are. There is another entrance which is far more overgrown and off the beaten track and does not have the same giddies available to show you around.

The sanctuary has a nature trail which is around 2 kilometers in length and there are guides available who can show you around allowing you to enjoy the wild life and surrounding plant and tree life, it can be a good idea to take your own binoculars for a close up view of some of the birds.

Animals within the park include the Common and Indian Mongoose, Blackbucks, Flying Fox, Porcupine's, Jungle Cat, Quail, Swallows, Falcons, Bee eaters and Parakeets.

The Asola Wildlife Sanctuary is located close to Tughlakabad Fort and is around 45 kilometers to the south east of the city.

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